by Daggers

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Four dudes from a small shitty city playing the music we like. Good parties. Good Jams. Hit us up on Facebook: Facebook.com/Daggerms Instagram: Daggerhc Email: xtimx85@yahoo.com


released February 12, 2014

All songs written and performed by Daggers.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Whitten.
Artwork by Zac Pomphrey.
Thanks to all our friends and family that supported us from day one.
RIP Seth "Stealth Mode" McCarthy.
All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Daggers Byram, Mississippi

4 piece groove metal band from Byram, Mississippi.

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Track Name: Wretched + Decisions
I think that you're the lowest of the low.
Destined to walk this earth all alone.
Wretched piece of filth.

I'm not asking you to believe in some thing you can't see.
I just want you to be better than you used to be.
You're better than this I know you are.
And you do too.
So why did you stray so far from the friend I once knew.
I see you every now and again.
I'll ask you how its been.
I'm sorry, but this is how its gotta end.
Track Name: Orange Roses
I've been here before.
1000 times it seems like.
Is this reality or my life crumbling in front of me?
All these years you spent with me, I'll take to my grave.
These Orange Roses bring me peace.
You will live forever in all our memories.
These Orange Roses bring me peace.
Track Name: Space Jamz
I feel the cold air on my face.
As I seem to fade away into the deeps of space.
This is where I stay.
Breathe in.
This is the only thing that keeps me sane in this world of pain.
I'm trying not to go insane.
As I fade away into the deeps of space.
Track Name: Death's Grip
Why should we have to die when death is always behind?
I'll always look ahead with sharp eye.
I'll slip right past death.
Right through his evil grip.
He'll never know.
We even met.
This is my last chance.
I can't wait around to be found.
I ain't dead yet!
I still draw breath!
I'll slip right past death.
Right through is evil grip.
He'll never know.
We even met.
Track Name: Haunted
I watch as the hands turn on the clock.
And I look back on my life.
There's a few things that I'd change,
But I know that time never stops.
So i guess thats life.
I've done a lot of bad things.
Hurt the people that meant the most to me.
I'd take it all back if I could.
Too bad God won't let me.
This is the ghost of my past.
Come back to haunt me at last. x2
Track Name: Inner Strength
Wake up from the world you been living in.
Be careful because evil comes from within.
Why live in a world of hate?
When you can become the change.
Its possible even for you.
To change the world's view.
Live every moment to the fullest.
Never looking back, even for a moment.
Think for yourself.
Don't be held back.
Break Free.
Rising Up! x2